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    • All welcome.
    • This creative writing group is for beginner writers and established writers.
    • It meets Friday mornings in Tonbridge, Kent, England, 10-12 a.m.
    • Drop-in. You can drop in for 1 class, or all of them.
    • Bring a friend!
    • £10 per session. £7.50 concs.


    Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1SF
    01732 359966

    The Angel Centre is a leisure centre and gym in the middle of Tonbridge, near the High Street, Sainsbury's and a car park.


    Jeremy Robinson (Author info here)




    Jeremy Robinson

    These are some of the exercises we do in the writing group:

    • writers’ tennis
    writing in pairs or small groups, often one sentence at a time.

    • group tennis or consequences
     writing as a whole group, a phrase at a time.

    • free writing
     writing on any subject; sometimes using a single word to start.

    • sealed writing
     free writing every day for 20 mins, reviewing the work at the end of 3 months.

    • writing exercises
     free writing by starting with one word, a beginning and ending word/ phrase, a theme, a postcard, or using a piece of music.

    • projects and homework
     many times projects will be set, on given themes or subjects, or in particular forms or styles, or within a set of guidelines. These projects are homework, to be brought to the group and shared.

    • complex projects
     sometimes writing projects have been set with 20 or so elements to include.

    • sharing work
     reading aloud to the group (sometimes in smaller groups); sometimes with someone else reading your work; sometimes handing out copies of your work to read.

    • feedback
     if you request it the group can offer feedback in written form.

    • poetry
     this includes free verse and formal poetry (including traditional forms such as sonnets and villanelles).

    • rival groups
     writing in small groups pitted against another group.

    • ending first
     writing the ending of a piece first, then either working towards it, or backwards from it.

    • creating a character
     building a character, sometimes within guidelines.

    • continuous story
     each writer creates part of an on-going story. Can become very elaborate.
     Also: continuous poem

    • exploring style
     trying out different styles of writing.

    • rewriting and revising
     rewriting your work, or someone else’s work.

    • adding colour and details
     writing a piece then adding extra elements.

    • missing words
     writing a piece without using certain words.

    • word count
     writing within word counts, sometimes tiny amounts of characters and spaces.

    • senses
     writing a piece emphasizing one of the senses.

    • memories
     autobiographical writing from personal memories.

    • dreams
     using dreams in writing.

     creating a portrait of real or imaginary people.

    • humour
     writing with an overriding purpose: to make people laugh.

    • structure
     exercises which explore structure (such as reversing the order of events).

    • viewpoint
     pieces which use a particular point-of-view, or alter the point-of-view.

    • letters
     exercises in the form of letters.

    • dialogue
     pieces which focus on dialogue, including writing only in dialogue.

    • places and landscapes
     evoking real or imaginary places, sometimes using images.

    • writing outside the class
     taking notebooks outdoors to write.

    • proofreading
     how to check over your work.

    • publishing
     advice on getting publishing, including how to submit work to publishers.

    • books
     looking at classic texts, and also contemporary works. Often writers bring in their favourite pieces of writing to present to the class.



    Tonbridge Writers Circle is a friendly, enthusiastic and relaxed group which meets monthly. We welcome anyone interested in writing, whether they have been writing for years or just want to get started.
    Each monthly session, everyone is encouraged to bring a piece of work to read out and if invited to, the group can give guidance and constructive feedback. If you have been hiding your work away for years, like the majority of us, it is great to hear what others think. Also if you would like someone to read your work aloud, this is always very helpful. Or if you would just like to sit and listen to what others are writing, it is entirely up to you.
    We are not professional writers (well not yet!) or tutors, we are a group of people who love to write and we would love others to come and write with us. So if it is crime, romance, poetry, comedy or whatever takes your fancy, please come along to our group.

    We meet the second Friday in the month at The Angel Centre, Tonbridge
    1 pm-3 pm
    Cost £5
    For more information contact
    Ruth Simpson on 01732 886074



    P.O. Box 1312, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5XU, U.K.
    tel: 01622-729593 (from the UK)
    01144-1622-729593 (from the US)
    0044-1622-729593 (from other territories)
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    Website: <>


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