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HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine:
Anthology One: From Wuthering Heights To The Sensual World

HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine:
Anthology One: From The Red Shoes To 50 Words For Snow

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Huge congrats to all of you for your dedication to realize this enormous project. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Del Palmer's message to the editors


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pure heaven for music fans and Kate Bush lovers!

one of the grandest, most detailed and passionate accounts of a contemporary musician and superstar available anywhere!

waiting for a new Kate Bush album? a world tour of 200 cities over five continents? didn't get tickets? this book will keep fans very happy for months!

Published March, 2014

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HomeGround is a magazine devoted to Kate Bush (born in 1958), a British pop star best-known for hits such as ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Wow’, ‘Hounds of Love’ and ‘Running Up That Hill’.
The HomeGround anthology includes material inspired by all periods of Kate Bush's musical progression. It is a book about the reaction to her work and how her unique music has touched the lives of so many people.

This is a unique book, a labour of love for hundreds of music fans who have contributed to HomeGround over its thirty-year existence. The book includes an enormous amount of information about Kate Bush, as well as memories and accounts of music fandom (such as conventions, meetings, hikes, stage door encounters and video parties). It features poetry, stories, letters, reviews, interviews, memoirs, cartoons, drawings, paintings and photographs.

This is a two volume set. The first (648-page) book covers Kate Bush’s career from ‘Wuthering Heights’ to The Sensual World (from the late 1970s to the late 1980s).
Volume Two of HomeGround (568 pages) covers Kate Bush’s career from The Red Shoes album of 1993 to the present day.

See sample pages from both volumes
See Kate Bush as a superhero in Cosmic Kate!


The first issue of HomeGround appeared in 1982, four years after Kate Bush’s dramatic debut with ‘Wuthering Heights’. Starting with an ancient manual typewriter, and a pot of genuine paste, the editors mounted articles on recycled backing sheets and added hand-drawn artwork to fill the gaps. The first issue was photocopied, the pages hand-stapled together and twenty-five copies were given away to fans they knew. Only later did they discover the magic of word processing, and desktop publishing.
From those beginnings HomeGround became a cornerstone of the ‘Kate-speaking world’, the editors going on to organise four official fan events at which Kate Bush and members of her family and band appeared, arrange at Bush’s request a team of fans to be extras in two of her videos and organise informal fan gatherings at Glastonbury and Top Withens, the storm-blown ruin on Haworth Moor. Years before the internet, HomeGround became a place where fans could discuss Bush’s music, and a place where they could publish creative writing and artwork that music inspired.

Fully illustrated. Includes a timeline, index, discography and who’s who.


the biggest book about Kate Bush - by a long, long way

 - the website of HomeGround, the international Kate Bush magazine.
Kate Bush News on Facebook.

HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine:
Anthology One: From Wuthering Heights To The Sensual World
Available in paperback and hardback.
ISBN 9781861714794. 648pp. Paperback.
ISBN 9781861714800. 648pp. Hardback

HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine:
Anthology One: From The Red Shoes To 50 Words For Snow
Available in paperback and hardback.
ISBN 9781861714817. 568pp. Paperback.
ISBN 9781861714824. 568pp. Hardback.

Paperback: £34.99 / $57.99. Hardback: £49.99 / $81.99.
Book size: 8.5 by 11 inches; 216 x 280mm.
Hardback has a square case laminate cover.


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The books are very beautiful!

The books are awesome.

The books are really beautifully made and something to treasure for years to come.

I am looking forward to many evenings enjoying these splendid books.

This wonderful legacy to Miss Bush and her fans! Looking forward to immersing myself in it.

Beautifully bound treasure trovesof Kate Bush memorabilia.

I'll be seeing her at Hammersmith later this year and I've bought this Anthology One so that I can go backni time and remember those days of amazement, longing and wonderment. Highly recommended.

Beautiful book. Wonderful way to pass time while waiting for August 26.

These really are beautifully put together. If you can afford them, they are something to treasure for years to come.

I can't wait to delve into these at the weekend.

I received my hardback copies last night, and cannot stop sifting through them. The covers alone are worth the price, with the contents being beyond priceless.

The editors and publisher have captured the spirit of the fanzine movement and Kate's work beautifully. A must-have.

The book arrived today and I am very happy. Thank you!

See sample pages from both volumes







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